November 9th, 2006

Some of these are short-term, others… not so much.

1) Study for inorganic midterm.

2) Study for finals, especially organic.

3) Go drinking.
I think this one requires a bit of an explanation. Surprisingly, I managed to handle living in Quebec in university res while staying completely sober. Not only that, this was in a town where the supermarket downtown had 300 kinds of beer. And where beer was sold at $2 a pint (mercredi soir) at the bar 10 minutes away from uni.

Anyway, as Eric said once, if you’re going to get drunk for the first time, it should be among friends. Soo…..

I’m fairly certain I’m a pretty cheap drunk anyway, so 😀 I don’t expect this to be a very expensive venture.

This is one thing on my ‘to-do’ list before leaving for the big city small town. It’s kind of naive to think I won’t be invited to get drinks one day, eventually, by people I don’t know particularly well (er, well, actually I was invited today to grab at beer at noon–NOON!!!–so…) and I don’t think that would be a good time to make a fool of myself.

4) Go karaoke.
Maybe this could be combined with the drinking 😀

5) Go bubble tea.

6) Find my sanity.

7) Buy a laptop.
This is where I need from laptop-owning people. What features should I look for? What vendors should I avoid? Should I go for an ultra-portable?

8) Buy a music player.
I’m thinking about getting an iPod, but I wonder if a regular mp3 player will do just as well. I’m not fond of iTunes’ interface, but, eh…. Nanos are so CUTE!

9) Go Christmas shopping. For other people.

10) Make up a budget for all this drinking, singing, eating, and technology-buying.

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6 Responses to “To-do list ;D”

Anthony Says:

Stay away from Future Shop, oh the horror…

Are you planning on going drinking before finals or after?

Cat Says:

After, évidemment, I’ve got organic chem first thing and it would be relaly, really, really bad if I failed that.

My exams end on the 13th 😀

Bobby Says:

Go for a Mac notebook. A crazy drunken night post-finals would be fun. I’ve gotten close to drunkeness a couple of times but never quite crossed the magical threshold.

Sammo Says:

Oh! I’d love to go drinking with you! Pick me! Pick me!

I’m a fun drinker, too, because I get super duper chatty…and I despise reaching the point of real drunkenness (you know, the parts where you fall over, your speech gets slurred, and you puke everywhere). But getting buzzed can be fun!

And hey, if you’re expecting to go out drinking with friends with you’ve moved out for your job, you gotta know your limits! I’ve seen what it can do to people who don’t *cough* Michael *cough cough*

My last exam is on the 12th!!! Not too far from yours!

Mike Says:

As someone who has a poor track record of drinking (yes, I’m Russian, bugger off) and someone who lives way to far from anything to consider navigating home late and drunk, I herby volunteer as a designated driver. Sure, I gots the old N rules, but what kind of asshole would pull me over and give me a ticket because I am driving my drunk friends home? So yeah, I’m all for the karaoke.

Cat Says:

Well, since I don’t even have an N, I hereby second that idea.

Yay people are in for karaoke! 😀

You know, I was reading a blog post about how Russians prepare for drinking. Apparently this involves eating raw eggs.

It’s here, if you want to read up on Russian … uh … drinking practices.