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I decided to kill a little time by taking a Harry Potter quiz; I have to say, this is extremely difficult. It doesn’t help that I’ve not read the first and sixth ones for quite a few months now (I’d hazard to say that I haven’t read the first in English for years.)

Still, a rank of “Harry” isn’t bad 😛 He did get seven OWLs, after all.

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You scored as Linguistics. You should be a Linguistics major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with QuizFarm.com

See, why think about your major when you can just take an online quiz? XP

Some part of me, though, can’t help but think I chose all the Chem ones because I’m a Chem major already. And why is engineering up there? Engineering = physics = :devil:

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November 11th, 2005 | Comments Off on Pourquoi le poulet a-t-il traversé la route?

Here’s a page which gives answers to the eternal question: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Of course, all the answers are in French, but that’s not really the point.

Voici quelques réponses amusantes :

CAPITAINE JAMES T. KIRK : Pour aller lĂ  oĂč aucun autre poulet n’Ă©tait allĂ© auparavant.
(Peut-ĂȘtre que le poulet fondera une vraie entreprise… )

NICOLAS MACHIAVEL : L’Ă©vĂ©nement important c’est que le poulet ait traversĂ© la route. Qui se fiche de savoir pourquoi ? La fin en soi de traverser la route justifie tout motif quel qu’il soit.
(C’est bien pratique, ça.)

BILL GATES : Nous venons justement de mettre au point le nouveau “Poulet Office 2003”, qui ne se contentera pas seulement de traverser les routes, mais couvera aussi des oeufs, classera vos dossiers importants, etc…
(Bien sĂ»r, “Poulet Office 2003” tombera en panne la plupart de temps…)

JEAN-CLAUDE VANDAMME : Le poulet la road il la traverse parce qu’il sait qu’il la traverse, tu vois la route c’est sa vie et sa mort, la route c’est Dieu c’est tout le potentiel de sa vie, et moi Jean Claude Super Star quand je me couche dans Timecop quand le truck arrive je pense Ă  la poule et a Dieu et je fusionne avec tout le potentiel de la life de la road ! Et ça c’est beau !
(Je n’ose rien dire. :biggrin:)

(Ca me fait penser Ă  un certain professeur qui m’a enseignĂ©e il y a quelques ans…)

Oh, and be sure to read GWB’s answer. It is awesome :cheerful:

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So lately I’ve been having second thoughts about choosing a Chemistry major. Or Honours. Whatever. In any case, it’s once again the time of year that I consider running to Arts. (Read: was completely pwned in the lab.)

Ultimately, I spend waaay too much time on French. I spent several hours on my first composition, and several more on les travaux pratiques that we had to do; in fact, that one was turning around in my head so much, I dreamt about finding a passive verb :blush: (Which wasn’t there in the end. My dreams never work out.)

And for Chem I cram two days in advance.

Don’t get me wrong. Chemistry is fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I have wonderful professors who are geniunely interested in the subject. I have TAs who, by and large, do their best to help muddled students. Everything is going in my favour, in short.

Except me.

I procrastinate writing my Chem labs until the night before. I don’t review material daily as I should if I want to keep up and maintain an A average. I get so worked up in labs that I somehow make stupid mistakes. In short: school is becoming somewhat of a chore.

And the only thing that’s keeping me going is French.

Anyway, this insipid post inspired by one of those quick online quizzes:

You Should Get a MD (Doctor of Medicine)

You’re both compassionate and brilliant – a rare combination.
You were born to be a doctor.
What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

Now, to be very honest, I’ve never wanted to be a doctor. Ever. And I wouldn’t make a very good doctor. Even when I wanted to be a psychologist, it was always in some kind of research capacity. I didn’t like the idea of being a therapist or a counsellor. Now, the impersonal face of research? That seemed fun. (Although ultimately not as much fun as blowing things up. Seriously.)

Stupid online quizzes.

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I need to:
– do math homework
– prep for a Chem lab
– and watch House

Therefore, I have time only for this really cute quiz!
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I posted this survey over two years ago. I thought it’d be interesting to see how my musical taste has broadened, and so, here it is again, with my revisions.

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Voici une petite questionnaire que j’ai trouvĂ©e en travaillant sur une de mes sites webs.


Cinq mots pour dĂ©crire votre personnalitĂ© : reservĂ©e, sensible, paresseuse, honnĂȘte, curieuse
Phobie : er … effondrement :tensed:
Obsession : CORE OF SOUL
Mot favori : en français … ange ? Etoile ?
Insulte favorite : je n’insulte personne en français >_> Oh, “espĂšce de blah blah blah” !
La pire chose que l’on puisse vous dire : Pourquoi pensez-vous que je la rĂ©vĂ©lais ?
Pire défaut : peu de confiance en moi
Ce que vous ne pourriez partager avec personne : Mon journal intime XD
Portrait physique et/ou moral de la femme (de l’homme) de vos rĂȘves : honnĂȘte et sincĂšre et sensible …
Portrait physique et/ou moral de la femme (de l’homme) de vos pires cauchemars : intolĂ©rant, vaniteux, mmm…. insensible et malhonnĂȘte et insincĂšre
La pire connerie que vous ayez faite : La pire ? J’ai fait tant de choses stupides mais la pire … aucune idĂ©e
Votre pire complexe : complexe d’infĂ©rioritĂ©
La partie de votre corps que vous trouvez sublime : nulle partie ! (Et maintenant on voit encore cette manque de confiance XD)
La question que vous dĂ©testez que l’on vous pose : “Alors, tu parles français … ?” XD
Votre rĂȘve ou cauchemar rĂ©current : je n’ai aucun rĂȘve rĂ©current
Le premier dĂ©cret que vous faites passer si vous ĂȘtes nommĂ© prĂ©sident de votre pays : on elit un premier ministre ici …. mais je ne sais pas, vraiment, la politique ne m’interesse pas beaucoup. Hmmm. L’Ă©ducation, peut-ĂȘtre ? ParticuliĂšrement celui des enfants qui habitent dans les quartiers dĂ©sinhĂ©ritĂ©s.
Un extraterrestre dĂ©barque sur terre et vous demande de dĂ©crire l’endroit : Notre monde—la Terre—une planĂšte bleue et verte, couverte de l’eau. Les grandes montanges, les vallĂ©es profondes, les mers calmes, les fleuves rapides : tous se trouvent ici. Il y a aussi les environnements artificielles que l’homme ont crĂ©Ă©es. Celles-ci ne sont ni bonnes ni mauvaises, mais… vous allez voir. Malheureusement, beaucoup sont pleins de saletĂ©. C’est un peu comme les coeurs des gens, je suppose…
Si vous aviez le droit de flinguer quelqu’un, qui choisiriez-vous ? : Aiyah… je n’ose pas tenir une flingue, ce serait … dangereux. En outre, je ne peux tuer personne, alors cette question… A~ vrai dire, cette question me dĂ©range un peu.
Croyez-vous A~ quelque chose : Mmm. Le bien ?
En quoi aimeriez-vous ĂȘtre rĂ©incarnĂ© ? : Quelque chose qui ne pense pas XD Mmm, un chat ? Un dauphin ?
Quand ça ne va pas, quel est votre truc pour vous remonter le moral ? Ah, je regarde l’Ă©mission Teen Titans 😉

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I think I may end up going back to Subway this summer đŸ˜„ That would be slightly depressing, but at least I would have a job. No one has called me back yet, and my first round of resume-dropping was Friday. Pity, and one manager even said that their sister store in the mall was kind of desperate for people… but apparently not desperate enough that they’d hire me.

Worst realization today? Even employers like Subway like to see experience. I ask you, how much lower on the job ladder can you get than fast food? BLAH! And how will I ever get a job in non-clothing retail (which admittedly narrows my choices a lot) at this rate?

On the other hand, let it never be said that the CIBC branch on campus has bad service. The lineup was so long they started handing out cookies and apologizing profusely. :happy: They were chocolate chip cookies, too.

And now for some quizzes, because those things make me happy. My mood needs picking up because I’m -sniff- starting MATH 200 tomorrow. I looked at the outline and I panicked. A lot of it looks vaguely familiar and scary.

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March 4th, 2005 | Comments Off on Because stereotypes aren’t nice.

I don’t take a lot of online quizzes anymore (okay… I do… but I don’t post the results). I find that a lot of them are flat-out inane and timewasting. Especially quizzes to do with fictional works. I do not want to take a quiz in which the answers are obviously linked to a specfic outcome. I like to see quizzes with a bit of thought behind them. Which is why I feel that this quiz deserves a post!
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