December 11th, 2011

Doctor, unbandage my eyes
I feel the light and I’m ready to be out in it
Doctor, uncover my ears
I hear the chorus weeping, I see the people singing

Hey Rosetta, “Yer Spring”

This is a fantastic song from a wonderful Canadian band. 1Full disclosure: I may have a tiny little crush on the lead singer I saw them in concert a while ago for the second time and was completely blown away; it didn’t matter that I’d gone by myself, as soon as they took the stage all my attention was fixed on the band.

Part of the reason why I love HR! so much is that they always seem to be having fun on stage while putting on a great show. I’ve been to some bigger shows which had more spectacle, but where the band members (or maybe just the vocalist) seemed to be dialling it in—as a fan, that’s not a pleasant feeling at all.

Verdict: For fans of indie rock layered with strings, as well as fans of the Rock. 2Newfoundland

1 Full disclosure: I may have a tiny little crush on the lead singer
2 Newfoundland

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