January 27th, 2015

De Pierre Reverdy

Life is simple and gay
The bright sun rings with a soft noise
The sound of bells has calmed
This morning, light spreads on everything
My head is a lit lantern
And the room where I live is finally lit up

A single ray is enough
A single peal of laughter
My joy which shakes the house
Holds back those who want to die
By the notes of its song

I sing off-key
Ah, how strange
My mouth open to every breeze
Produces crazy notes
I don’t know how they leave
To fly to other ears

Listen, I’m not mad
I’m laughing at the bottom of the stairs
Before the open great door
In the dappled sunlight
On the walls amongst the green vines
And my arms are held out to you

It’s today, today I love you

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