May 27th, 2002

Yes, I know that was really annoying and obnoxious, but it’s my birthday, so cut me some slack. 😛 I deserve it. Yes, I’m being conceited and vain again. But it’s my birthday! *_*

Sarah gave a very cute collection of stuff ^_^ There’s a cow! I love cows! And Sam got me candy (yum!) and a pencil box which is shiny *_* (in both senses of the word.) Also, some very nice pens. Thanks guys! 😀


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7 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

Kley Says:


Remora Says:

Happy days to you

Reina Says:

happy birthday love !

*does a bender dance for youuu*

minako Says:

Happy Birthday Tiggy!!! *.*

gemtiger Says:

Thanks, you guys! ^_______^ It’s so sweet of you! *huggles all around*

Vikers Says:

It be your birthday, and that be good. Happy belated birhday Tiggs

Sarah! Says:

Bonne fete Cafifi!! Sorry this is slightly belated … I wasn’t online for the last 2 days. But Happy Sweet 16 anyway! Best wishes!