June 8th, 2004

The observant of you will have noticed that “The Spirit of This Place” is now a link on the sidebar. This means that I am offering it for download, since I have now officially graduated and this is my graduation theme song. So go and download it already! I have the lyrics in the full entry. Plus the full translation.

[Note to Neale: Yes, I am reading the Xanth series. How did you guess?]

nani ge naku itsumo aruiteta rouka ni
mada osanakatta warai koe ga hibiite wa kieru
anna ni adokenakatta noni
mou konna ni ookikunachatta yo
ano koro wa nanimo kangaete inakatta noni

The young laughter echoes and fades away
in the familiar halls where we used to walk
We were so innocent
But we have grown so fast
We never considered anything, then

We are graduating!
bokura wo tsukutte iru kakera
sore ga kimi ya ano hito to no omoide
bokura ga tashikani koko ni sonzaishita shouko ga
The spirit of this place

We are graduating!
The fragments that build me
Are the memories with you and them
The proof of our existence here is surely in
The spirit of this place

furikaettemireba itazurani
tanoshii toka tsuman’nai toka itteta kedo
itsushika bokura no senaka ni wa hitotsu-zutsu
iro no chigau hane ga haete kiteta
betsubetsu no michi ayumu koto wakatteta noni

When I look back, I was pointlessly
Repeating ‘this is fun’ or ‘this is boring’
But before we realized, on each of our backs were born
Wings of different colours
Even though we knew we would follow our own paths

We are graduating!
ookiku yasashiku tsuyoku hashiridasou
hanarete mo bokura wo tsunagu omoide
jishin wo otokkotoshite mayou toki ni mo
You have the spirit of this place
We are graduating!
Let’s run, grandly, gently, mightily
The memories that connect us despite the distance
Even when you have lost your confidence, even when you lose your way
You have the spirit of this place

nakaniwa de no hirune KAFE no zawameki the echo in the gym
kowareta BURAINDO goshi FIIRUDO wo utsu ame
ROKKAA wo tojiru oto mo zenbu zenbu

The midday nap in the courtyard, the noise of cafeteria, the echo in the gym
Through the tattered blinds, the rain striking the field
The closing lockers, all the sounds, all of them

KENKA mo kuyashinamida mo
nakanaori no kisses & hugs mo zenbu zenbu

Thank you for
The fights, the tears
The kisses and hugs of making up, for everything, everything
Thank you

We are graduating!
kono saki de machiukete iru michi no kaze ni
nagasaresou ni natte mo makeru mon ka
datte look at yourself
ima bokura wa ichiban ni kagayaite iru
With the spirit of this place

We are graduating!
The unknown future wind that awaits ahead
We will not be defeated even if we get blown away
Because look at yourself
Now, we are shining most brilliantly
With the spirit of this place

Yeah… feel free to correct everything. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this translation 😛

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2 Responses to “The Spirit of This Place”

Neale Says:

Well, I was thinking… pulp fantasy and puns, eh? And naturally, Mr. Anthony’s series came to mind. I actually got my hands on a lot of those books, but I never read them, so I sold them a little while ago. I liked ‘Demons Don’t Dream’ the best, but I’ve really grown to hate the appendices where he explains everything and credits the puns to his eleven-year-old readers.

The Tensor Says:

I read the first 8 or so Xanth books many moons ago, but at some point it occurred to me that they’re, um, not very good, and so I sold them all. They were the first books I ever soldXand I’m a huge book packrat, so that’s saying something.