April 1st, 2006

So… the del.icio.us plugin and the new install aren’t working. Well. Grr. Oh well, it’s just motivation for me to switch over to linkrolls at del.icio.us…

I also feel irrationally giddy. I just made my first internet purchase :kawaii: (CORE OF SOUL CDs, natch. Those suckers are expensive. But I don’t work as a retail slave just for the cheap shoes.) The ETA is 16 April, so I’ll be waiting on that for a while… Which just gives me more impetus to order the rest of their discography. Ah, limited versions. How you make us fans go into “impulse buy” mode. I ordered their BEST album, along with Over the Time, Time is Over, which is still a grand album, even if it’s not as good as Natural Beauty (which I’ll probably buy with RAINBOW and 3 before systematically attacking the singles–the ones that are still available, anyway.)

I hate the last week of term. For Science students, it’s really a lull before the storm, which I suppose is nice to have, but also very distracting… especially when the weather’s as nice as it was a few days ago.

And it looks like I won’t be exploring anywhere this summer. *le sigh* Oh well. At least this means that I can take FREN 353 or work in a lab or… something in the summer.

Finally, I would like to thank Neale (you should do lunch with me and organic chem sometime! it does the body good), Sarah, and Bobby for already having changed their links! :star: (It strikes me that as time passes, my blog is read by fewer and fewer of my online friends, and instead is a kind of outpost for communication with my offline friends. Interesting.)

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3 Responses to “*rumbles*”

Anthony Says:

That is very true. I would change the link on my blog but I haven’t touched that/them in ages so it may not happen.

Bobby Says:

Yeah, besides the rare chance encounter on campus, I haven’t seen a lot of you people in more than two months. Probably unintentional but nice subtle Storm reference there :dorkygrin:

Megumi Says:

Tee hee. I was gonna apply for that Explore thingee this summer but I decided not to. XP