April 29th, 2006

A last-minute-uni-student style note to Sarah, who has officially hit the two-decade mark today. 😀 Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le! :star: (And psst, lemme know if you want a redesign on your blog (I’m thinking Vienna Teng. Or is that too fangirly?) I have TIME now.)

I haven’t looked at my marks since yesterday, which only reported my French marks. I’m really scared to look at my chem marks. Really, really scared.

I finished reading Ender’s Game a little bit ago, and while it’s quite good, I was a bit disappointed–I suppose I’d expected something different. Maybe I’d like it more if I were actually into military strategy and stuff… I’m also reading random chunks from Ender’s Shadow, which I like better, because Bean is a more interesting character overall.

(Rest of post contains spoilers for Ender’s Game.)

I think my main problem with Game was that I had an awful time with suspension of disbelief. I just couldn’t do it. Okay, super-precocious six-year-old. Fine, I can accept that. Beats older kids at a new game on his first try. Fine. I didn’t have a problem with Ender’s intelligence. I had a problem with him seriously injuring (and as we find out later, killing) another young boy. Without weapons. I think that initial discongruity prevented me from ever really getting into the book. Not to say I didn’t stay up half the night reading it, but it was almost tiring.

Ender just always… bothered me a bit. There was something too unreal about him.

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3 Responses to “I’m not late!! I’m not late!”

Anthony Says:

Isn’t there a movie version coming out?

Cat Says:

Well, according to Wikipedia, it’s “in development hell,” so it’s probably not coming out any time soon.

Sarah Says:

Thanks!! :star: I still like my blog layout, but yeah, it’s been there for a while … a redesign sounds awesome. Umm … I’ll think about it and get back to you okie? *huggles*