September 12th, 2006


My lamentations about being a Chem major honours student seem to be starting earlier than usual this year. Oh well. I should hopefully be embarking on a good non-school work term soon–inasmuch as one can actually get away from “school” when one is embarking on a chemistry co-op work term…. but I hate hate hate hate cover letters.

WordPress hates me, though. I couldn’t properly import the database–it choked every time Asian characters showed up. In the end, I gave up, so if you poke through some of the older posts, you’ll see some odd gibberish (and if you don’t, that’s because I spent a long, long time fixing it.)

Oh yes, I have moved hosts, so I’m on a pay-as-you-go hosting plan. It’s an interesting idea, but it does mean that I will try not to host bandwidth-intensive sites here. Well, unless I move to another host, anyway.

I like this Chinese drama, Yummy Yummy. It is not the cake one that several of you are familiar with. Rather, it’s about a Singaporean boy who goes to Hong Kong to chase his (former?) girlfriend Jane. Yes, that’s right. JANE. Does this ring any bells for anyone out there? Anyway, I like it despite this because this Singaporean boy speaks an odd mélange of Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. (No, his name is not Jason. It’s Terry.)

Speaking of Ja(y)ne–I love Firefly. Watching episodes with commentary is even more fun!

Disclaimer: I am not clever. In fact, one of my favourite songs from Ping Pung’s CD, Love&Hate, which I now own legally (:D) is a song whose title I like to translate as “Not Clever.”

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6 Responses to “Oh, we are clever. Yes, we are.”

Cat Says:

Okay, how about this one? Erk, I want comment notification!!

Sarah Says:

Are the last 2 letters in “Terry” bolded for some subtle reason I’m not catching up on? 😛

Cat Says:

Only because–for some bizarre reason–the stress is placed on the final syllable of the word. o_O;;

Bobby Says:

Cover letters are great fun and you know it! All about that wondrous journey of self-discovery!

Mike Says:

I can’t say that this doesn’t disturb me.

Cat Says:

You should probably sue them or something.