September 25th, 2006

(That’s a programming NOT operator for those of you who, like me, are programming-illiterate.)

Anyway, cover letters suck. Especially when you’re responding to a job posting that tells you nothing about what you’re actually doing besides “implementing experiments” and “preparing test materials.” Um, that’s great, Ms. HR director… now run that by me again?

The other requirements are equally banal. “Must have attention to detail and good record-keeping skills.” “Must be able to follow instructions.” Who ISN’T able to follow instructions? Seriously!

On the other hand, French class was cancelled today and I spent some time discussing my academic future with one of my Chemistry classmates, who tried to convince me that third year is the hardest one (I have to admit, I think he’s right–I won’t be taking quantum OR physical in fourth) and that sticking in Honours might not be such a bad idea.

Oh well. At worst, if I’m unlucky, the decision won’t be in my hands at all.

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