July 18th, 2002

I’m such a hypocrite. Here I go telling people to blog more, and then I don’t myself! Even Victoria is blogging more than me, and she’s on vacation in England!

Anyway. My weekend was quite good, it was filled with getting Sailormoon stuff. My cousin gave me her chibi SM figures. They’re really cute ^^ And then, on Sunday, I went to Yaohan, and realized for the first time that there’s a Japanese bookstore there that just happens to have a sizeable manga section. So I got SM tankoubon #3!! *_* And it has a shiny mini-poster *_* And it was cheaper than the translated English version, too. *_* (Almost half the price.)

And at Subway… uh… stuff is happening. Hum. I had the oppurtunity to work with James the other day, who is actually quite… uh… nice? And Steven and I had to do a lot of cleaning yesterday (but he did more than me. Don’t tell.) And…. uh…

Hum. I need to add a few links here and there, and update the ol’ collective, and possibly look into getting a domain. (Which I’m still not sure I want at this point.)

And, for more randomness, blue crabs are blue XD

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One Response to “Oo, look, blogging again.”

Jacqui Says:

I love your layout! OMG rawks! XD XD XD …and thanks for linking me. I’ve been here before. *links back*