August 19th, 2007

It has been far too long since I made a layout. Does it show :D?

Anyway, this is really the first time that I have customized a WordPress theme to my liking. The Kaguya theme was styling, more or less, but this one is a bit more adventurous for me. It took a while, but now I’m not nearly as intimidated (to be honest, that fluid center column was far more hassle than it was worth. I still don’t understand why Firefox doesn’t understand the concept of box within box leading to containing box stretching to fit contained box.)

(Sorry for those still using 800×600: I encourage you to choose another theme from the theme switcher.)

The manga artwork for this layout is from Princess Ai, which, I am rather ashamed to say, was conceived in part by Courtney Love. I bought the first volume recently. It’s not really an original sort of manga (princess – attractive guy – song), but the artwork is gorgeous.

I hope you will have noticed the abundant French all over the place! 😀 This was really inspired by a song off Calogero’s 2003 album (aptly named… Calogero), “Je vis où tu m’as laissé”.


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