September 1st, 2007

I am currently quite fond of this game, “Hikkoshiboroboro“. It’s a rather standard dodging game, but the creators have done a wonderful job injecting some human emotion in there that isn’t related to anger or fear: this, my friends, is a game about love.

Okay, so basic story, according to the Google translator:

Step beauty of the girl friend became to move to the Saitama new city center. Step beauty under the sweetheart above the friend as for the running man, step beauty was waived without conveying the thinking which is concealed in the chest. The lonesome face of the step beauty which was shown separation occasion, the thought [hi] coming out of that day. The word which you could not say. The running man who is regretful, if the air is attached, chasing step beauty, had produced to run the self recklessly on the one road of countryside!

Not that you really play a game like this for the story. (“Step beauty” is a literal translation of the girl’s name, I think: it could be read “Ayumi”. I don’t really understand the part about attaching air, although the kanji used there is 気, which is “emotion” or “mood”.)

The game itself isn’t particularly novel–although I kind of question a girl who doesn’t notice chests and television sets flying off the back of her truck–but there’s humour in there, and a wonderful piece of background music.


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