About Refraction

Refraction was officially launched February 5, 2002. It was first hosted at pitas.com, which I believe is one of the easiest (if most basic) weblog services to use. It was hosted by Reina from May 2002 – August 2006. (What a lovely four years that was!)

Technically I’d already had a blog (hosted by Blogger) in 2001, which I called “Night Sky”. After discovering that I had nothing to say, I quickly abandoned it. I was inspired by Kleykulele to re-start my blog several months later.

When I moved to TR.com, Reina convinced me to give Greymatter a try, and it served me admirably for over two years. While rebuilding took a while and became a bit of a pain, the easy-to-use template system was a definite plus.

When Reina switched servers (and domain names), she gave her hostees the opportunity to upgrade to WordPress. I love it. No messy rebuilding, a drafts feature, a little arena for me to make my first forays into PHP, and a plugin for everything under the sun.

I was finally forced to purchase my own domain and hosting after Reina switched servers yet again… not that I blame her for it. 🙂 Now, at least, I feel like less of a drain on other people’s resources. Refraction has (hopefully) moved for the last time to a home at undreamt.org.