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Thinking back, I have definitely had better birthdays.

Ones that don’t involve babysitting reactions which look like chocolate soufflé but smell like concentrated vinegar.

Ones that don’t involve cleaning up said reaction after the oil bath overheated while I was in a meeting.

Ones that don’t involve said reaction mixture splashing onto my pristine lab coat and arms.

As my lab mate kindly pointed out: “Hey, at least you got a story for your birthday.” Thanks, R—.

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A last-minute-uni-student style note to Sarah, who has officially hit the two-decade mark today. 😀 Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le! :star: (And psst, lemme know if you want a redesign on your blog (I’m thinking Vienna Teng. Or is that too fangirly?) I have TIME now.)

I haven’t looked at my marks since yesterday, which only reported my French marks. I’m really scared to look at my chem marks. Really, really scared.

I finished reading Ender’s Game a little bit ago, and while it’s quite good, I was a bit disappointed–I suppose I’d expected something different. Maybe I’d like it more if I were actually into military strategy and stuff… I’m also reading random chunks from Ender’s Shadow, which I like better, because Bean is a more interesting character overall.

(Rest of post contains spoilers for Ender’s Game.)
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