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I’ve always wanted to do one of these random picture posts.

Domo-kun the tour guide Here we have Domo-kun, of Internet kitten-eating fame (however wrong that may be), and he’s going to be your tour guide for this post. He actually looks much better in daylight. Less… black. Domo-kun is made from suit material, I think, with felt for his mouth and two huge buttons for his eyes. He also has some cotton balls in his feet. His arms are a bit uneven, though.

Domo-kun the music lover First stop, JAPAN! Domo-kun hangs on to my precious CORE OF SOUL CDs. On the left is the BEST collection, and you may recognize the colour scheme from the CD on the right from one of my previous layouts. Those are some awesome CDs, right there. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the little car, but I daresay that after my next Yesasia shopping spree, I’ll have another to play with. Next!

Domo-kun and Deception Point Next stop, bad-thriller-land! The blacked-out barcode on this book point to its former existence as a library book. I can’t believe I actually bought this book. Deception Point is probably the weakest of Dan Brown’s works. It is decidedly cookie-cutter and utterly uninspired. This one gets the Domo angry grimace.

Domo-kun and Owly Around the bend, we see the best comic book I’ve ever gotten for free. Owly is a nearly wordless young readers’ comic, but it is irresistably cute. Look at the eyes on that owl! They’re even bigger than Domo-kun’s! Go on, try it, I DARE YOU. Plus, you get to learn fun life lessons! Isn’t that fun? 😀

Domo-kun and Sense and Sensibility Finally, we come to another Jane Austen book I have yet to read. (I’m working on Pride and Prejudice… again.) Some Jane Austen aficionado is going to have to tell me what works I have left to read if I have Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Pride and Prejudice under my belt.

Domo-kun thanks you for your time and hopes to see you again on Domo-kun tours. Until then, “Do~mo!

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April 26th, 2006 | 4 Comments »


My fully legal, copy-protected CDs are HERE!

With liner notes!

And photos!

And thank-yous!

And lyrics!

(And an extra little toy car which I’ve lost.)

And the limited edition BEST CD with a bonus disc!

SQUEE! :kawaii:

I’ve got one exam–organic chem left. Knowing me and my history with that course, and given the fact I’ve not really been studying for it, I need to cram the entire course in eight hours. Can you say, OW?!

At least I’ll be doing it to my CORE OF SOUL CDs. 😀

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