September 24th, 2008 | Comments Off on Random thoughts

A friend and I preface a lot of things with “Random:” when we’re talking online. So in that spirit…

Random: Is there anyone on this planet who thought Clay Aiken was actually straight? I mean… really. Clay fans are “reeling” from this disclosure? Get real.

Random: Guys, please do not carry patent leather bags. I abhor patent leather myself, unless it’s just a detail–I think it looks childish–but men and patent leather just do not mix.

Random: I don’t like shoe booties either. XP So take that, fashion mavens! I think the distance I now have from retail allows me to be dismissive of trends.

Random: I need to go shopping soon, I think… I’ve realized I have sweaters and t-shirts. No real fall transition pieces. Alas, this was much easier when I spent all day inside, instead of dashing from class to class.

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