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Argh, school is back. >>;; Argh. It feels like I’ve been back for a long time. Most classes have jumped right into the thick of things. >>;; I have not been able to change my Higher Level math course back to Standard Level. It’s intensely frustrating. “IB 12’s: Hang in there.” T_T Argh. At this rate, I will be stuck in Higher Level math and fail and never, ever get my diploma >>;; EVER! It doesn’t help that my appointments are never met and that every time I make one it’s pushed back. ¬¬;

Heh heh, and the first issue of SWC’s science journal is officially hot off the presses. We beat every other paper in the school ^_^!!

Oh yes, and that “Kiss Me” song? I found the romanized lyrics on a site…
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