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I like to punctuate my statements, what can I say?

Anyway, this blog will be moving soon (again!) so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, all posting activity is suspended. 🙂 If you want to know, my life in a nutshell is:


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June 3rd, 2006 | Comments Off on Testing DeepestSender

So I’m loading up my USB drive with portable apps for when I go to Québec, and it’s been quite fun discovering some new extensions for Firefox… okay, it’s just one new extension. Still!

Right now, I’m blogging straight from Firefox using an extension called “DeepestSender.” I don’t understand the significance of the name, but hey, whatever.

So please excuse me while I try some formatting things to ensure everything works correctly.

This should be bold.

This one, italic.

Titles should always be underlined.

(Cool, keyboard shortcuts work, too :biggrin:)

  1. These
  2. are
  3. items
  4. in
  5. an
  6. ordered
  7. list
  • This, however,
  • is a bulleted
  • list!

This is a link to Google. Because I’m a Google minion.

I don’t change colours because my themes would be be messed up 🙁

//edit to try and fix more link…

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June 15th, 2004 | 2 Comments »

It’s been a while since I last blogged, so this entry will probably be unnecessarily long and full of pointless rambling.

Yahoo! Mail has upped their storage limit to 100MB, and one can now send emails of up to 10MB. Things never load on the first try, however, and I’m getting a little impatient with its long load times. Interesting developments; I wonder if it’s in response to the rising hype about Gmail, Google’s highly anticipated email service. It’s still in beta testing right now, but there are people who would apparently offer an arm and a leg for one. As for me, I think I’ll wait until it becomes open to the public.

In other news, I now have [slow] cable interest service. It’s a mixed blessing, to be sure: sure, I can download things faster, but now I no longer have any reason to tell Michael to archive his blog.

Speaking of Michael’s blog, I feel that several of my friends need an overhaul in terms of their blog designs. *points at Anthony and Michael* I offer new layouts since I designed their old layouts, and they’re not aging very well. Although if anyone else wants a layout, you’re always welcome to ask.

Even though I’ve graduated from high school now, I won’t be changing this layout for a while. It took too much work. Plus, it’s not a trendy anime blog layout. And it’s accessible. Yeah, I’m proud of this sucker.

And that’s not all…!
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